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We treat our patients like family

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Our Patients inspire us. We provide our expertise and the latest treatments and technologies – but they make it happen. They step up and motivate us to deliver our very best.

DP&O value-add prosthetics

The skill of making artificial limbs has advanced dramatically, and the performance these new limbs gives patients means that mobility and agility can still be maintained. At DP&O we custom engineer every prosthesis and strive to bring back as much of the function and movement to our patients as possible. And, we make sure that it feels and looks good.

DP&O value-add bracing and orthotics

Our Orthotic team evaluates patients and designs custom orthotic treatments and devices that correct or prevent contractures, misalignments and deformities. We use the latest technologies and treatments and help patients achieve their mobility goals.

DP&O value-add funding

We want to help you get the best care and we guide you through the various funding and insurance processes to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from the numerous funding programs that exist.

DP&O value-add personal consultation

Listening to you is vital and we take the time to understand your issues and provide you with a detailed evaluation that outlines the options available. We want you, the patient, to direct your own care.


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    We care deeply about our patients and nothing makes us happier than helping them gain mobility and freedom. Check out some of the stories our patients shared about how DP&O helped them live life to the fullest.

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