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Patient Stories

Leslie Recounts His Most Memorable Moment

Leslie Pardoe (C.O.(c)) recounts some of his most memorable moments working in the orthotics industry and how even the smallest improvements to a [...]

Rob just get’s it done – no limits

We love Rob. He works with us to make sure we help him achieve his lifestyle and his activity goals. His is such a great partner and helps DP&O build [...]

Rob Doesn’t Let Nay Sayers Get Him Down

Rob was tired of being told things he couldn’t do. He came to Kieran Bliss (B.Sc.(eng), C.P.(c)) to develop a prosthetic solution that would allow [...]

Suzana Knows What it Takes

Suzana speaks about her experience with DP&O. She was there as Kieran Bliss (B.Sc.(eng), C.P.(c)) got to know her husband Rob’s lifestyle and [...]

Rob Loves Brainstorming Solutions with Kieran

Rob talks about his experience working with Kieran Bliss (B.Sc.(eng), C.P.(c)) to brainstorm custom prosthetics and Kieran’s commitment to creating [...]

Jacob Wants Comfortable Sockets and Won’t Settle for Less

Kieran Bliss (B.Sc.(eng), C.P.(c)) explains how DP&O developed and continues to refine multiple socket designs for Jacob’s prosthesis. Jacob [...]

DP&O’s Unique Approach to Developing Custom Orthotics for Patients

How DP&O Orthotics are Helping Cameron Grow with CP

What a great story. Cam and his family want to ensure that their orthotic treatment achieves the log term goals needed.